About Ion

The air we breathe is our source of life.
US Enviromental Protection Agency
studies show that poor air quality in closed spaces constitutes the fourth largest environmental threat to human health.
About 65% of common cold infections occur in closed spaces.
In the case of Covid 19, the majority of infections occur in closed spaces.

Air is our most essential resource. Every person inhales 20 kg of air every day.
Therefore, air quality has an inescapable impact on our physical and mental health.
We naturally feel that the air at sea, in the mountains, in nature is fresher than the air in our cities or inside the houses and closed spaces in which we live.
Being outdoors in nature is good for our health. We know this not only from our own experience, but from scientific studies that show that positive and negative ions are produced naturally by sunshine, wind, the sea and waterfalls, and breathing ion-rich air enhances health and makes us feel good, too.

אופק תקשורת - מערכת מתקדמת לניקוי אויר

At the sea shore, we get ions/cm3  5000

Outdoors in nature, we get
ions/cm3  2000

Mountain ranges give us
ions/cm3  15000

In the city, we get
ions/cm3  500

Inside houses and other closed spaces, we get ions/cm3  100

The modern life expectancy in the world is conducted mostly in enclosed spaces the air in the enclosed space that most of us breathe more frequently than the outside air. It is of paramount importance to our health. Studies show that enclosed spaces are a breeding ground for viruses, bacteria, mold, smoke, odors, dust and more. The obvious conclusion from this is the need to enrich the existing air quality in enclosed spaces, the higher the amount of ions the better the air quality will be for our health.

Studies show that the process of ionization and air purification takes place in nature continuously all year round without a break. This is why we feel full of energy and relaxed in nature, but in our daily routine when we spend more than 80% of our time indoors. Affected by various factors-for example, building materials, polluted outdoor air, human activity, air pollution. VOCS.

Indoors there is a shortage of positive and negative ions in the air because the natural energy sources that produce positive and negative ions are missing sun, sea and winds here our technology is reflected. Our system works 24/7 without consumable parts based on Israeli technology protected by a safe and health-protected patent.

The system flows positive and negative ions as it is produced in nature into the air and raises the level of ions to values ​​that neutralize pollutants in a variety of types.
The action of creating positive and negative ions causes a number of things:
1. Neutralization of pathogens - Corona flu virus (flu), March, polio, E. coli
2. Neutralizes bacteria and mold
3. Reduces the amount of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in the air
4. Neutralizes scent particles
5. Neutralization of static electricity - in laboratories, research institutes, industry, medical departments and more
6. Energy saving - due to improved air quality the power consumption for air conditioning can be reduced by up to about 30%.
7. In new projects under construction in which air purification systems based on positive and negative ions are installed, air conditioning engineers according to visa guidelines can reduce the size of the air conditioning systems as a whole and save a lot of money.